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FERN s.r.o.


The FERN company was founded in 2002 with a direct link to more than 100-year tradition of the production of molded rubberized footwear in the Zlin region.

Nowadays Fern is one of the biggest textile-rubber shoe producers in Europe with its production up to 500 000 pairs of textile rubber shoes per year and with sells all over the world.

FERN products are inimitable different technologies and materials and provide their consumers with superior comfort and fit of the Fern hand made health-constructed shoes.

Either in the course of using manufacturing technologies or by a subsequent liquidation of a worn footwear, there´s no environment load by toxic substances of the Fern products and the Fern shoes can be called „environmentally friendly“.

FERN shoes are created in the Fern design department with the latest global trends and requirements and are sold all over the world either under the Fern´s own brands FERN or ZAC-ZAC or under the fern´s partners brands Kawasaki, Backyard, Maiden, Sneakers, Cebo, etc.

Management of the FERN company puts also the maximum emphasis on expertise and professionalism of the Fern staff, the ever-expanding service to individual customers and monitoring of all inputs and operations during the production process.

The Fern´s personal approach to projects satisfy even the most demanding clients and is ready to convince you that the FERN brand is really worth being your brand as well.

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